Locally Made Healthy Gluten Free Snacks

Tom & Luke are lifesavers when it comes to grabbing a quick snack at the super market on the way to the train. Their Super Slice has saved me from hanger many a time.

My personal favourite is the Peanut Brownie super slice. Hands down the best flavour! They do however also come in Lemon Pistachio, Espresso Crunch (the author’s second fav!) and Gingerbread Bite. Sadly, the fav flavour is not pictured below. Probably because I ate them all.

Now, I don’t know about you but my team morning tea’s at work are generally full of wheaty, sugary junk. Here to save the day are the ever popular Snackaballs. My personal favourite is the Salted Caramel flavour. These come in handy 5 packs if you want to hog them all for yourself, but the larger and more share-worthy sized packet is a saviour when it comes to those morning teas. If you’re lucky, not gluten free inclined will only just diverge from the devilish other snacks and you might just get to eat most of them yourself – depending on luck. Snackaballs come in lots of flavours, including:

  • Orange and Cacao
  • Lemon and Coconut
  • Cacao, Mint and Almond
  • Strawberry and Macadamia
  • Cranberry and Cashew
  • Peanut Butter and Cacao
  • AND MY FAV – Salted Caramel.

Though it looks like the Snackaballs are taking a new direction, which I feel awfully out of the loop about to be honest. If you’ve tried these, DEFINITELY let me know in the comments what you think!

Tom & Luke are big on nourishment and loads of their promo material includes active boys and girls. They also have bars – The Trinity Bar (a heartier alternative to the Super Slice) and the new one, the Roadie. Honestly, I’ve not tried the Roadie yet but would love to hear from anyone who has & what they think. Do you recommend it??

Pictures above taken from the Tom & Luke Instagram, which you can follow by clicking through.

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Here’s me double dosing on coffee!! Peanut brownie was all out!

Wicked Sister Tiramisu

I recently travelled to Italy & before I went, I spent a lot of time researching where I could eat all of my favourite Italian specialties. One of these was tiramisu! My experience of searching for places to eat while on holiday actually inspired me to start this blog for my own home town – Wellington, New Zealand.

Since I got back to NZ, I still wanted my fix. I still miss the days when Meow did lots of gluten free cabinet food, one of those things being tiramisu. Behold, a brand new discovery at my local New World – Wicked Sister Tiramisu!

Wicked Sister Gluten Free Tiramisu. Made in Italy!

I think I would be silly to think that a chilled aisle product would compare to a freshly made dessert in Italy, however, this is currently filling a gap that nostalgia is creating! The portions are perhaps a little smaller than this glutton would prefer but I am also learning the important lesson in savouring my food. This dessert has started becoming a weekly post-grocery shop treat for my partner & myself. So far, we don’t regret it!

Beware that this dessert contains a small amount of alcohol (authentic!) and is likely to become quite addictive. The pack of two costs about $5-$6 dollars in my experience thus far, dependent on whether is it is on special. You can buy their products in Wellington from Countdown, New World and Pak’n’Save.

Wicked Sister do a whole range of desserts but I’ve not yet tried any others yet. I plan to soon once the tiramisu obsession/nostalgia wears off! If you have tried them, please let me know what you thought in the comments!! Bellissimo!