A Taste of France in Wellington

La Nordique. Buckwheat Gluten Free Crepe. Cafe Breton

I love Cafe Breton. We go there for coffee every workday – it’s our ritual. They are situated on Brandon Street just off Featherston and are open everyday with a late night til 9pm on Fridays!

The cafe don’t do a lot of Gluten Free counter food (if any?) but what they DO have is Gluten Free Crepes – in abundance! The buckwheat crepes are naturally so but they will make their many different sweet flavours GF on request.

I’ve had their crepes a while back but since moving out of the city, it had been a while. We decided to make our Friday morning extra special and stay there for breakfast – whilst also completing our workday ritual.

My crepe was full of smoked salmon, rocket, veggies and served with a side salad and cream. It was super yummy and got me through a looooong morning of back to back meetings without a tummy grumble to be heard.

My partner had the La Bretonne which was Breton pork sausage, onion jam, mustard and a side salad. He also added the optional egg. I can assure you he skipped lunch and seemed very happy with his big French breakfast.

Their menu says that all salads can be made Gluten Free on request and the also specifically have an omelette and a mixed seafood platter that come GF by default. The soup of the day is gluten free and if you want something sweet other than a crepe you can take your pick of a caramel flan or chocolate mousse.

And for a final good word to say about Cafe Breton, all of the staff are very charming! Highly recommended.

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